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To demonstrate this material's ability, a traditional one-time-use pregnancy strip test was re-designed to improve its existing features and make it more sustainable. Each pregnancy strip approximately has a quantity of pollution equivalent to a diesel car running for 4-6 hours in it.

PolyAIRene is a biodegradable polymer that is infused with carbon. This carbon is collected from the pollution in the atmosphere and is in the form of a black/gray powder. This powder is then mixed in with the polymer before setting it in the mold. 


Biodegradable plastic made from air pollution

Reduces Agricultural Waste

This plastic is made using Flax fibres which are usually burnt after flax seed harvesting and contribute to pollution.

Agricultural waste like seaweed, waste soyabean peel contain chitin. Chitin can be extracted from this waste and be used as a a plasticizer in the material.

Reduces Plastic Waste

PolyAIRene is a biodegradable plastic, and leaves no pollutants behind. PolyAIRene is beneficial for the soil as it has carbon.

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